In today’s competitive society image is everything, and having a Signature Image allows you to do what you do every day effortlessly! We offer personalized attention to manage our guest’s image as a way to transform self consciousness to self confidence. We enhance our guest’s overall self image by creating the Signature Image that best represents the individual.

Customize your package from any of our professional services or select from one of ours. Contact us today to schedule your workshop:

Consulting Services:

Our Image consulting services offer you the opportunity to refine your image and take the effort out of looking good.  We offer the Total Image Makeover package as well as individual services depending on guests’ needs.

  • Personalized Color Analysis
  • At-home Wardrobe Audit
  • Makeup Application & Lessons
  • Style/Colors That Works & Wardrobe Tips
  • Dressing for Every Occasion
  • Personal Shopping/Updating Your Look
  • Written & Visual Report


Our professional services provide individuals or teams with the skills necessary to surpass the competition. These services are one-on-one or as a team workshop environment.

  • Business and Social Protocol
  • The Etiquette of Technology and Correspondence
  • Table Manners and Fine Dining Experience
  • How to Work a Room & The Art of Small Talk
  • Business Networking
  • Building Public Image
  • Presentational Skills
  • Resume and Cover Letter Preparation
  • Interviewing Skills


Dating is very fun and gives you the opportunity to share common interests and be expressive with your fashion options.  We give you valuable tips that will improve your confidence and ability to present your best self!

  • Building Confidence
  • Presenting Your Best Self
  • Finding the Look That Fits You
  • Dressing for Every Occasion

Signature Workshops:

The specialty workshops are designed for teens, career services, small groups, large organizations and personal matchmaking services…

  • When Looking and Feeling Good Become Effortless!
  • Find Yourself, Know Yourself and Walk in Confidence!
  • Executive Etiquette Power
  • A Positive Self Image
  • Creating Balance

Women and Men, Total Image Makeover Package:

  • Polished to perfection cut and/or color design for men and women
  • Managing your new hairstyle & tips to maintain polished look
  • Personalized skin care regimen
  • Personalized makeup lessons
  • Color analysis
  • Closet audit
  • Working with what you have maintenance checkups
  • Wardrobe styling and personal shopping experience
  • Q & A session
  • Photo shoot which include three looks and a disk of nine pictures of your choice


I wasn’t even sure that I needed help with my style until Vonetta pointed out that there were some things I could improve on. She was very complimentary – letting me know that I wasn’t far off the mark, just that I could enhance what I already had. We started with hair: Vonetta asked me what I was interested in. I told her I wanted fierce red (fire engine red) chunky highlights. Then Vonetta asked me about my lifestyle – how much time I would be able to devote to the maintenance of such hair color. When I told her that I didn’t do much beyond wash and go, and NEVER went to the salon, she looked me in the eye and said “There’s no way I’m giving you red hair.”

She explained that with my hectic work schedule and my need for low maintenance hair, fierce red hair would never work for me. I was so thankful for that! She was able to evaluate my needs and look at the bigger picture, not just what I wanted in the short term. Now I have hair that’s gorgeous no matter how I style it. Now I want to spend hours just trying out new hairstyles because I know it will look good. I love my new hair length, and don’t think I’ll go back to long hair for a very long time.

Vonetta also showed me how to enhance my wardrobe to go with my new do. She showed me what colors and cuts work best with my skin tone and body shape. My closet now has more than black and brown in it! People are constantly complimenting me on my wardrobe choices, both at work and for social events! I enjoy shopping so much more, now that I know what to look for! Vonetta followed up with me to make sure I was still on the right track–that’s true service!  – Mandy McHugh

Etiquette PowerVonetta’s book, Executive Etiquette Power, is the essential resource to building professional confidence, making a great impression and solidifying your success with every business encounter. Discover what you need to know to advance your career from North America’s top executive etiquette experts.

Your executive or professional success comes as the result of more than talent, commitment and hard work. Your career success will also be determined by how you greet a client, conduct a meeting, deliver a presentation or entertain your new business contacts. In fact, your success is determined by the way you present yourself in all that you say and do! We know you want to be the absolute best you can be.

With this book, you can quickly learn how leaders in your field conduct themselves to get the very best results. As top experts in each of our respective specialties, we’ve joined together to give you the most powerful executive etiquette information and strategies available.

Available for purchase in-salon.


What does your image say about you?